Australia Day 2015

This morning we stood on the foreshore of Dunsborough in Geographe Bay to celebrate Australia Day. Josh Whiteland told us the history of the Bay and how his ancestors fished in the bay and the importance of the forest and the ocean to the Wardandi people of the area. He played didgeridoo and the earthy rhythm of this instrument resonates through your body as you stand listening and looking out over the beautiful ocean with a clear bright blue sky over us.

A new Australian Claudio Tallarico told of his love of the freedom Australia has given him. Lisa Knight lead us in singing our anthem Advance Australia Fair. Local citizens were acknowledged for the commitment to our community.

For me I feel privileged to be an Australian every day and am forever grateful to my parents for choosing Australia as their new home prior to my birth. Australia for them was freedom, peace, privacy, space, opportunity, safety, beauty and a new beginning.

For me Australia is my homeland, where my heart is, a place of great natural beauty and vast open spaces. An ancient land and unique and delicate environment to be cared for and protected. A place of generous souls and welcoming communities. A place of freedom, peace, and opportunity. Our little corner of Australia has the beauty of the ocean, the sunrise and moonrise over the Bay, the sunset over the ocean in the west, pristine beaches, amazing forests and flora, unique fauna and the biggest blue skies summer, autumn, spring and some of winter! Proud and thankful to be Australian.