Travelling the Journey

Travel – thoughts of the journey.

The experiences of each day of travel create the journey. We plan and look forward to each fresh travel event and when the journey starts we live each day to its full. Walking, seeing, doing, watching, capturing, absorbing sights, sounds, smells tastes, textures, colours, new creativity, history, culture, art, music, people living in different lands speaking different languages. We take interest in what makes a land, it’s people, their foundations, history and traditions. What stirs them and how they celebrate.

I need to remind myself to do this everyday, even when at home back in the normal routine. Every day is part of my journey to be savoured and enjoyed and to participate in. I think it is the experiences of travel which adds to our appreciation of our own homes and daily lives. Travel renews our senses and reminds us to be present in each day, no matter how routine. It reminds us to appreciate everything we have and the people around us.

On the road we appreciate the kindness of strangers, the friendliness shown to us. The value of gesture, expression and tone of voice when communicating with the actual words only being 35% of the content. Proven when travelling and a common language is not found – we can still communicate. Amazing what a smile can do! We too can give a helping hand to others without understanding the words exchanged.

Today while cycling I heard the call out from a local watching us climb a hill “Bon courage”. It was heartwarming to see this man waving us on.

This tour of Europe 2014 is coming to a close. I have lots of words, thoughts and images to post to tell more of the tale. Time on the road has been full and busy. I will enjoy reliving some moments as I compile my posts.


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